Pt950/2.5mm width/semi round/Hammer Matt 96,000yen
2point engraving 10,000yen

melee diamond 
inside engraving add 4 characters 1,200yen
Sum 117,200yen


Pt950/3mm width/semi round/hammer Matt 124,000yen
2point engraving 10,000yen
inside engraving add 6 characters 1,800yen
Sum 135,800yen
inside engraving
#6    2024.11.16 ♡ YUK
#11   2024.11.16 ♡ CHING

Shipping 18,000yen
*On the page towards the end of the purchase,
where you select the delivery method, choose Fedex.

Total 253,000yen +18,000yen (shipping)


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