→ K18/平甲丸/2.5mm/hummer matt/1 diamond/1 japanese engraving
   =92000+10000(1 diamond)+5000(1 japanese engraving)=107000yen

→K18/平甲丸/3mm/hummer matt/1 japanese engraving
   =123000+5000(1 japanese engraving)=129000yen

japanese engraving is tulip and bud design. 
Inside engraving for both rings : C.K

total 107000yen+129000yen+11800 yen(Taiwan tariffs5%)+13000yen(shipping cost of Fedex)=260,800yen
Two months in the making.

*The photo is not the same as your order.
*Pictures of the finished product may be shown on the KARAFURU SNS and website. (Please let us know when you place your order if you do not want us to post the images.

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