• Our Goal
  • Corporate Profile
  • Mission&Vision
  • Policy

Our Goal

" To brighten up the feelings of people
by adding a touch of culture and

techniques of traditional
Japanese craftsmanship into their lives "

When I first saw a Kabuki play (a classical Japanese dance/drama), I was very impressed by the costumes and props.
They had unique colors and a powerfully original design which produced an image of delicate beauty.

After this experience, while doing some research on traditional Kabuki costumes and materials,
I was surpirsed to learn that most of the craftsmen have been really struggling in their efforts to preserve
their techniques for the next generation.

We decided to found KARAFURU as a way to preserve traditional Japanese culture by incorporating it better into our daily modern lives --
even if we are not able to create the art by ourselves.

We believe that the craftwork and techniques that have been passed from generation to generation, are treasures of Japan.
We also believe that these treasures will be valued even more if they are part of our daily lives.
KARAFURU has started Mono-zukuri (Making things), and Ba-zukuri (Creating places), with this in mind.

Corporate Profile

  • Company Name : KARAFURU Inc.

    Establishment : December 6, 2011

    Capital : 2 million yen

    CEO : Yuki Kuroda

    Office : 1F, 2-20-14, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021, Japan

    TEL : +81-(0)3-6452-5427

    FAX : +81-(0)3-6369-3167

    Mail : info@karafuru.jp

  • Yuki Kuroda

Our Mission & Vision

The world is continuously homogenizing due to globalization,
and this makes preserving the unique original cultures of individual countries all the more valuable.

Japanese traditional crafts seem old-fashioned to the newer generations because of the rapid changes in Japanese life styles.
As a result, Japan risks losing the special techniques and materials painstakingly developed over the centuries.

However, arts and crafts are needed to give color and meaning to lives in modern society,
so it is essential to maintain the culture and techniques in Mono-zukuri from Japan's rich cultural history.

KARAFURU's role is both to brighten the daily experiences of people in general by adding a touch of
traditional Japanese culture into the lives,
while at the same time, to help preserve these wonderful skills by supporting the struggling artisans.

Our Policy of Mono-zukuri

KARAFURU's aim is to enrich Japan, and the lives of people involved in Mono-zukuri into the future.
With this in mind, our policy is that all processes of Mono-zukuri are done in Japan,
including; planning, resourcing, producing, and selling.

  • "Planning"

    We focus on the very best quality of Japanese traditional craftwork. We then plan how to bring these products into people's lives.

  • "Resourcing"

    We use the finest materials that are all made in Japan, though we must keep the final prices as reasonable as possible.

  • "Producing"

    In order to preserve Japanese mono-zukuri techniques, which are in danger of dying out due to the lack of young new artisans and decreasing availability of materials or tools, we make sure all materials and finished products are made by craftsman using traditional meth

  • "Selling"

    Currently, the general circulation of manufactured goods is based on the concept of mass production and mass consumption, but Karafuru's objective is to sell hand-made crafts which are produced in small quantities. As an example, we are developing a system where customers can order directly from Japanese craftsmen through an E-commerce site.